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 My newest CD, "Tuned Meditation Chimes: Harmonic Pulsing" is Now available!

"Tuned Meditation Chimes: Harmonic Pulsing"
Create a calming soundscape for your home, garden, workplace,
mediation practice, Yoga groups, massage clients and ceremonial gatherings.


Tuned Mediation Chimes: Harmonic Pulsing CD Front

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Two tracks:

#1: 50 minutes - For long relaxation & meditation sessions.
#2: 5 minutes - For short, timed relaxation & meditation sessions.

The chimes on this CD were designed by master chime makers, and tuned to the key of C.  I recorded them with specialized microphones using a technique called "close-mic'ing".  This allows the exceptional clarity and resonance of the chimes to embrace you with their rich, soothing tones.

In addition, this technique enabled me to record the sonic phenomenon that audio engineers call "frequency beating".  This occurs when two or more pure tones combine harmonically to create additional, low-pitched pulsing tones.

Combining tones in this way has been used by Tibetan monks for many hundreds of years to enter into a deep meditation state.

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Click Here to download the audio of the CD or to send a download as a gift.  Cost: $7.00 (includes a photo of the front cover).  Contact Me when you download the digital audio version, and I will email you, for FREE, the short Rhythmic Meditation activity that is included in the CD package!

To purchase a copy of the CD:

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-Within the U.S.: $20.00 
-Outside of the U.S.: $25.00. 

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Jim Greiner, Hands-On Drumming
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