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Play Shekere is Jim Greiner's most recent Rhythm Power® instructional/inspirational DVD.  It includes 80 minutes of beginning to advanced lessons and four, ten-minute audio loops to play along with for practice and for fun (we call it playing music for a reason!).

Each beginning-to-advanced lesson builds upon the skills learned in previous lessons, and is easy to access through the master menu.

Play Shekere is designed to give people from all walks of life, and at all levels of percussion experience, the Shekere, and rhythmic, skills that will allow them to play in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Performance: percussion and rhythm skills for all musicians and all musical styles
  • Recreation: drum circles, family/friend jam sessions, personal play
  • Wellness: to release stress, energize and connect mind/body and have fun!

As in all of Jim's Rhythm Power® workshops and educational materials, each Shekere lesson also contains inspirational messages that Jim incorporates seamlessly into the instruction.  In this way, learning to play the Shekere also becomes a vehicle for reinforcing real-world Life Skills and creating powerfully productive Life Rhythms.

Some of Jim's Rhythm Life Skills™ include:

  • Using percussion playing to reinforce relaxed breathing patterns and to release stress
  • Two simple steps for not repeating mistakes... in music and in life
  • Staying relaxed and focused, even while distracted or stressed
  • A quick way to get into a positive Groove... in all areas of your life
  • Internalizing positive intentions in the same way you internalize rhythms  

 "Percussionist Jim Greiner invokes the primal power of drumming to lower the participants' stress, to exercise their minds and bodies, and to bind them together into community."
- PBS special, Healing Quest

"The DVD is great! I like the way you made the Shekeré lessons individual, so the (viewer)
can work with the one they need.    I would like to order 12,
so we can sell them in our Shekeré booth at a festival here in San Juan.
- Jorge Melendez, Shekeré maker in Puerto Rico

Greiner Figure Shekere ©2009 Jim Greiner
GreinerFigureShekere ©2009 Jim Greiner
Greiner Figure Shekere ©2009 Jim Greiner

"I highly recommend this truly educational DVD.  Jim's fundamental approach gives us a good grasp and understanding and practical advice about possible applications.  The call to interact is immediate, his clear and substantial work plan perfectly embodies musical content as well as a good navigational concept. 
- Laurent "ZunZun" Lamy; translated from his "Salsa France" web site

"First and foremost, it's obvious that you're a master of the instrument (Shekere) and a master instructor, as well.  Everything is broken down and clearly explained in a very coherent fashion.  I was pleasantly surprised at the progress I made while following along.  My compliments and many thanks!"
- J.B. Glenn-Anderson, Ph.D., Electrical Engineer

"Jim Greiner is known as one of the top Shekere players in the world."
- Latin Percussion Instruments, Garfield, N.J.

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-Outside of the U.S.: $30.00. 

These prices include all shipping and handling charges.

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Would you like to start a Shekeré play-group in your community or school? 

Ask about price/shipping discounts for quantities of five or more DVDs!

Buy a Play Shekeré DVD for each member of your group, work on one or more lessons individually,
then get together regularly and jam...
each lesson includes rhythmic patterns that fit with the others to create great group grooves!

Build community... release stress... amaze your family & friends... spread the joy!

Ask about LP's new
Jim Greiner Signature Shekeré!

LP Jim Greiner Shekere

Here is a link to a vido of Jim demonstrating the LP Jim Greiner Shekere in the LP booth at a music products trade show.

Please also enjoy my FREE Play-Along Audio Clips :
these are repeating rhythmic patterns that are great for practicing your percussion skills!

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